Prime III

Location: Clemson University
Role: Technical Lead
Languages Used: Java, Javascript
Problem: In many voting precincts across the country, voters with physical and/or cognitive disibilities are unable to cast a private and independent vote due to their inability to use neither the 'normal' nor the 'accessible' voting machines.
Solution: The HCC Lab has developed the world's most acceccible voting machine. Because voters can interact with the system using touch, voice and/or a haptic switch, it is not meant to be used as just the accessible voting machine, it is a single machine that can be used by all voters. "It offers a secure, multimodal electronic voting system that delivers the necessary system security, integrity and user satisfaction safeguards in a user friendly interface that accommodates all people regardless of ability. Prime III implements a Universal Design. By Universal Design, we mean 'an approach to the design of all products and environments to be as usable as possible by as many people as possible regardless of age, ability or situation'." - PrimeIII Website

To see PrimeIII in action, click here.